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Smokey And The Bandit – 2017 Firebird Trans Am

Smokey And The Bandit 2017

It's official: gm has consigned Pontiac and the 2017 Firebird Trans Am – it’s supposed ‘athletic brand' that has been wheezy into obscurity over the previous couple of years - to the scrapheap.

To those of you outside America - and, in truth, most likely quite a few of you inside America - this news most likely bothers you as much as checking out that the simplest of Alan Titchmarsh video’s that has finally been released on DVD.

But Pontiac's Firebird Trans Am end will spell the end for the admittedly very remote likelihood of the 2017 Firebird Trans-Am - this enduring muscle automobile beloved of Burt Reynolds and Michael Knight - creating a wonderful retro comeback.

Unless, that is you go to someone, who'll cook you up one of these gorgeous retro-modern 2017 Firebird Trans-Ams using nothing quite a brand new 2017 Camaro, plenty of plastic and, a 900 hp twin-turbo V8. There with kind of power, you will be able to perform a very literal reinterpretation of Smokey and the bandit’s Firebird Trans Am.

The original Firebird Trans-Ams, remember, were primarily based around Camaros, thus it's sort of traditionally correct. Or something like that.

We can't facilitate but surprise if, Pontiac Firebird Trans Am had spent the last many years building cars like this rather than, say, the Torrent, whether or not it would are sentenced to GM's death chair...