Trans Am Concept Images - Concept Pontiac Trans Am


Kevin Morgan is a graphic designer from Canton, Pennsylvania. Kevin was born in the seventies and grew up loving Smokey & The Bandit! He had a lot of Trans Am and Smokey & The Bandit toys. In 2004 he purchased his first T/A, a 1981 T-top car. He became obsessed with the Pontiac Trans Am. Kevin is a graphic designer so when the Concept Camaro came out, he turned the concept Camaro into a Pontiac Trans Am and posted it on one website The owner of that website wrote up a big "What If" story and posted it on his site. After the website posting, Kevin’s Trans Am Concept idea just snowballed on the internet. Kevin’s Concept Trans Am began showing up on forums all over the world!


The next thing Kevin knew, Hot Rod Magazine, wanted to run his concept drawings. Then High Performance Pontiac Magazine, then Smoke Signals Magazine and Popular Hot Rodding Magazine contacted him wanting to use his creation. Later, someone contacted him out of the blue and said "I got permission to display your concept drawings at the Trans Am Nationals in Ohio." Kevin was floored! So, he told his wife, that they had to go to the Trans Am Nationals. He took prints of his concept Trans Am and they disappeared very fast! Kevin was standing there by the drawings and got asked to sign one of changed his life forever! His first autograph! Later the folks with the T/A Nationals emailed him and asked him to design next year's T-shirts and other merchandise!



Kevin’s 69 influenced Concept Trans Am has also appeared in High Performance Pontiac Magazine. Another version of his Concept Trans Am will be featured in Pontiac Enthusiast Magazine!


The Cimarron Starlite Cruisers are proud to feature Kevin Morgan and his great Concept Pontiac Trans Am on our website. We wish Kevin all the best with his quest to get this great classic of the past back into production in the future. Thank you, Kevin!