GM Announced 2014 Firebird

Pontiac recently announced that it will start producing V-8 powered, rear-wheel-drive sedan for the US market again, the 2014 Pontiac Firebird. A limited version of the Firebird will come as a Pontiac Trans Am 2014 model, and will be in dealers’ showrooms towards the end of 2013. It is coming as the first rear wheel drive Pontiac sedan for the US market.

2014 Pontiac Firebird changes

The 2014 Pontiac Firebird is coming, dressed to kill, designed to chase out all competitors. Mustang and Viper, be prepared, the battle is about to begin. From all indications we are getting, the car will be the meanest muscle car we have ever seen. There are two classes of car; the Firebird and the others. If you are driving one of the others, you are in trouble. It is coming fully, to take over the road and chase the pretenders to the side streets.

I am so excited about the coming 2014 Firebird, you should too. Well, if you are not, you will be after hearing about the new design and some features we are expecting. Ever since Pontiac re-introduced their muscle cars, we have totally taken to the 2014 Firebird. Even the Corvettes and Mustang have retreated to the background. We have never seen a car so cool, and still this mean like this before!

We do not have all the details about the Pontiac Firebird 2014 now, but the few things we have heard have convinced us that this car that is about to start its production journey is not going to disappoint us. We believe that the 2014 Pontiac will have some design upgrades in order to stand a better chance when competing with the ever changing Ford Mustang. We expect the exterior design upgrade to begin with the introduction of a LED taillight. A new taillight will definitely give it a newer look without moving too far from the design that has made it the highest selling muscle car in the US for the past few years.