2014 Pontiac Trans Am Anniversary Edition


The 30th Anniversary of the 2014 Trans Am. It's not a car for the shy person. Few cars I've ever driven have gotten more attention. It has all of the raw American muscle power of a regular Trans Am, and sounds like the soundtrack to the movie "Top Gun." If it's possibly slightly less quick in the quarter mile than some of the original muscle cars, it handles the stopping and turning at the end much better. Although the number of 30th Anniversary cars is limited, the same performance and nearly the same eyeball factor is available in other 2014 Trans Am's. The regular V8, with a mere 305 horsepower, and the 200-hp V6 are quick, good-handling, and entertaining as well.

APPEARANCE 2014 Pontiac Trans Am: Subtlety has never been a 2014 Trans Am styling feature. White paint with blue stripes can be more noticeable than bright red when it's on a 30th Anniversary 2014 Trans Am. The basic shape of the 2014 Trans Am is more than a little aggressive, with bulging fenders, the front has large foglamps and a hidden intake, plenty of lower cladding, and a large, flat spoiler at the rear. The 2014 Trans am package's ultra- radical Ram Air makes the standard hood look almost conservative. The 30th Anniversary package can be told externally by its twin blue stripes on a white background, special badging, and the trick light blue clearcoat alloy wheels. Each blue stripe starts with a small "screaming chicken" 2014 Trans Am  emblem just behind the hood scoops.

COMFORT: As outside, the 30th Anniversary 2014 Trans Am's interior builds on that of the standard car. Distinctive white leather upholstery and door panels with 30th Anniversary logos, and special logo floor mats differentiate it. A plaque just in front of the Hurst shifter shows the identification number - this one is 0047. This car is no poseur - it's meant for serious driving. The seats are supportive and comfortable. The shift knob and leather-wrapped, tilt-adjustable steering wheel are placed for fast use. A good Monsoon audio system and power accessories show that this is a civilized vehicle. It is a Trans Am at heart, so expect the rear seat to be best-suited for small, agile people and luggage capacity best for those who know how to pack light. This is a sports car, not a sport-utility vehicle.